Company introduction

 Hangzhou Universal Control Mechatronical Engineering LLC. is a provincial high-tech enterprise on research, development and manufactory of marine equipments including deep-sea sampling devices, underwater hydraulic manipulators, underwater hydraulic stations, propellers and remote operated vehicles. Universal Control, founded at the end of 2007, is now located at Building 1, Shangcheng Science and Technology Industrial Base, 1418-41 Moganshan Road, Hangzhou city with its fully-owned standard factory workshops, a registered fund of 5 million yuan and an average annual output of about 10 million yuan since its establishment. Universal Control has won the National Innovation Foundation for Small-Medium Enterprises and the Funding of Domestic First Sets for several times. As the only manufacturer representative, Universal Control has participated in drafting of a series of national standards for Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV), and is now the cost-waived supplier on test equipments and fields of ROVs and related accessories for the Measurement and Testing Center of Marine Industry of Zhejiang Province with a provincial measurement qualification.

Since 2011, Universal Control has set up Zhejiang University-Universal Control Joint Research and Development Center for Hydraulic Equipments on Deepwater Oil & Gas Detection and Underwater Vehicles on study, research and manufactory cooperated with Zhejiang University. Prof. Linyi GU, the Chief Director of the Center, got his Ph. D degree in University of Minnesota, USA, and has long been engaged in the research of deep-sea underwater equipments such as ROVs after he returned to China. He is now the member of University Experts Group of the Ministry of Education on Development Project of Large Oil & Gas Fields and Coal-bed Gas, the national 05 Major Project of the 11th Five-year Plan of China. He is now also the vice dean of the Institute of Mechatronics Control Engineering of Zhejiang University and deputy director of National Joint Engineering Laboratory of Marine Engineering Equipments and Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Laboratory of Marine Equipment Testing. So far he has won the 2nd Prize of National Technology Innovation Award, the 12th China Youth Science & Technology Award, three provincial science and technology awards, and the First-Level Fellow of New Century 151 Talents Project of Zhejiang Province due to his great contributions to the research of marine engineering equipments. Under his supervision, Universal Control has successfully participated in the research and industrialization of three projects of National High Technology Research and Development Program 863, including Deep-sea Low-power & Lightweight Hydraulic Manipulators, Key Technologies of Integrated Energy-saving Hydraulic Propulsion of Deep-underwater Vehicles, and Hydraulic Systems & Manipulators for 4500-meter-level Working-type ROVs together with Zhejiang University.

Universal Control has now 38 employees, 25 of whom have bachelor’s degree or above. Among them, 20 employees are focusing on technology development, accounting for 55.2% of total employees. With the support of advanced technologies from major universities, Universal Control has gained strong capacity and a well-trained team with rich experience and comprehensive skills on research, development, manufactory, testing and application on the core components, overall integration and system control of underwater vehicles. So far, Universal Control has launched three different sizes of ROVs on both observation level and working level, together with a number of full range accessories.  

Several techniques achieved by co-operation of Universal Control and Zhejiang University have reached the leading level in the world. For example, three main performance indicators of seafloor sediment sampler series, including sampling depth, packing length and shipboard utilization ratio, have been ranked the first in the world, which was one of the core achievements of the project “Exploration and Sampling Equipment Technology for Extreme Environment under Deep Sea” which won the 2nd Prize of the National Science & Technology Innovation Award in 2009.

The operation and hydraulic driving control system series for seafloor operation vehicles, which has been completely localized, has ended the monopoly of core components for seafloor operation vehicles from foreign countries, together with our own independent intellectual property rights in real meaning. Two prototypes of newly developed 3rd generation products have been applied in the Heavy Load Seafloor Operation Vehicles project of the Major Project of the 12th Five-year Plan of China, and 4500-meter-level Seafloor Operation System project of the National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 of the 11th Five-year Plan of China.

For two types of customers either on offshore oil and marine research, Universal Control offers a better quoted price equivalent to only 1/3 to 1/2 of pricing of imported similar products under customization mode or agent mode, respectively. Besides, Universal Control provides competitive and convenient services along with on-menu modular configuration for products, aiming to meet the demands of customers with different backgrounds and applications. Also, customers may choose to buy or rent our products from Universal Control according to their actual applications, which maximizes the scope of our business.

Fixing its sight on marine economy of the country and localization of remote underwater robot manufactory, Universal Control takes the responsibility of accelerating industrialization and localization of high technologies as underwater robots and their core components. For this purpose, Universal Control is now optimizing the allocation of innovative resources, improving the quality of business operations and promoting technological upgrading. Universal Control sets its main purpose on providing state-of-the-art designing, manufactory, sales and service, and has launched its fabrication and underwater working service on remote underwater robots and their core components. The target of Universal Control is to provide professional products and service with high quality while low cost to our customers specialized in deep-sea scientific investigation, deepwater oil, gas & hydrate exploration and development as well as underwater engineering works. Universal Control wishes offering powerful underwater operating carriers plus service support for the transformation and upgrading of China’s marine economy and the development of marine high-tech industry.

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